Secularism, Tony Benn, and More

Saturday was the Beginners Workshop for Linux Users of Victoria, with Daniel Jitnah providing "An Introduction to Drupal". That evening, convened the Annual General Meeting of the Victorian Secular Lobby, Inc., which witnessed a good turnout, excellent discussion, the election of a new executive, reports of activities from the previous year, plans for the upcoming year, and most importantly, a statement of policies. The program for the coming year is looking good as well, with at least four main meetings along with usual activities. A minor and partial victory has been achieved with the announcement of dying with dignity reform.

It is with some sadness that Tony Benn has died. As a radical democratic socialist who renounced his own peerage, I am comfortable in describing myself as a "Bennite" insofar he was inspirational. His capacity for pithy sayings has not been forgotten, nor his final attempt in parliament to transform the UK into a democratic, federal, and secular republic. He wasn't above engaging in a bit of politically justified vandalism either, even as an MP.

Appropriately, attended an ALP branch meeting meeting on Tuesday night; a good turn out and met the candidate for the next state election. Thursday night was gaming night, with a return to our Masks of Nyarlathotep story with the gradual uncovering of a murder cult in the heart of London. Friday evening was spent with Mal Wood, a friend from Murdoch University, whom I hadn't seen since around 1991. We went to the Abbotsford Convent for dinner, then gave him the customary tour of Willsmere, the latter which thoroughly interested him as former psychiatric nurse. Today is another gaming day with the continuation of the GURPS Middle-Earth story set in Lake Town.

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"“The House of Lords is the British Outer Mongolia for retired politicians.”" LOL! And his "Five questions for the powerful" are awesome.
There's a few versions of his five questions floating about. One which I particularly like is his "blackboard". The final lines are brilliant.