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Raised some initial proposals a few days ago on talk-politics suggesting that the abolition of crime was practical and possible and very interesting discussion ensues. Gave an address on Sunday at the Unitarian Church on Malala Yousafzai which had a good turnout and good discussion. Following that convened The Philosophy Forum for Rohan McLeod's presentation on "Theories of Language and Definitions". After that played first session of a short Fantasy Craft campaign set in Middle-Earth, based around the Lake Town region. Following day was interviewed by Sydney's Radio Skid Row 88.9FM on Monday on the basis of my article on the Egyptian coup. Apparently this will be a regular short-piece on international politics, every Monday morning at 8.45am - next up apparently is Venezuela. Last night convened Linux Users of Victoria for Bernie Meade's extremely interesting presentation on 3D printing at the University of Melbourne A little further in the future, will be speaking at the Humanist Society on Thursday, 22 August on Secularism, individual rights and democracy: some difficult questions.

Since the last entry a Federal election has been called with Labor and the Coalition on level pegging on a two-party preferred basis. Murdoch's media has made it clear who they support although although many seem to understand the ulterior motives. Coalition marginal seat candidate becomes internationally famous for fumbling an interview, but perhaps just following leader, or perhaps the shadow treasurer. With so much confused bumbling it in unsurprising that the social media tool of parody has risen - and the response will simply lead to more ridicule. Finally, Dr. Joe Toscano, founding Public Officer of the Isocracy Network, will be running as a candidate.

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I'm so disillusioned by both major parties this time round. More than I ever have been. I mean, it's not like I ever vote for either of them! But I'm just disappointed because I don't know that I'll be happy with either result.

Also, I love reading your posts. You have such an active intellectual life which I'm lacking right now :) It's a nice vicarious experience for me to read about what you're doing!
Major political parties will always disappoint because they have to follow the opinions of the majority, and different majorities on different policy issues. The advantage of preferential voting is who you put last makes a difference :)

Glad to be providing some vicarious intellectual stimulation. I do confess however at times its downright tiring! Some people seem to be believe that I over commit myself. I have no idea where they get that notion from...
If you or I want a copyright infringing video taken down it'll take 5 days...