November 1st, 2018


PAX AU, RPG Review, HPC Matters

Spent pretty much the entire weekend at what is probably Australia's biggest gaming event, PAX AUS. It's an all-encompassing variety show for electronic games, tabletop games, lectures and workshops, lot of vendors, and a proportionate number of consumers to match. My own role was running sessions of Call of Cthulhu and RuneQuest, which went very well even if designed for beginners. Both games proved to be quite deadly, the Cthulhu game because that's what the plot demands, and the RQ game because, well, RQ is simulationist when it comes to such things. A couple of people who attended the RQ games ended up registering for RQ Glorantha Con Down Under III, which even looks like it might break even!

The 40th Issue of RPG Review has also been released; ten years of keeping this little 'zine going has been a pretty awesome experience, in both the traditional and comtemporary meanings of the word. This particular issue is a special for RQ Glorantha Con Down Under III, and contains appropriate articles including a collection of quotes from the recently departed Greg Stafford, a big article on prehistorical animals for RQ in Australia and New Zealand, the regiment of Lunar marine ducks, a review of system changes through the various issues of RuneQuest (significantly reduced from the 15000 word document I have on disk) by yours truly, and much more. This will be the first issue that has also been produced in print as well, albeit only 100 copies.

Tomorrow I'm running another HPC class, this one on Advanced Linux and Shell Scripting for HPC. Other work-related events for the past couple of days included catching up with arjen_lentz for lunch today, who has recently been appointed the CEO of the MariaDB Foundation. Also the day previous had the first videoconference meeting with representatives from several Australian and NZ HPC centres interested in the International HPC Certification Forum, and a couple have even offered to join the board.

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