November 6th, 2018


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In my massive amounts of spare time that I have available, I've started my MSc in Information Systems Management and have completed the first two major online components (a reflective biography based on Drucker's argument of self-management) and a review of technological innovations of the past decade. Plus, of course, there has been a small mountain of reading. I have hoped that the course would be more agreeable thus far, much of the material is heavy on the business and observational side of the equation and less on the empirical. I've dragged as many conversations as possible in the course forums towards the latter, especially comparing predictions to reality. The first marked assignment will be on Sensors: exploring the opportunities and challenges for business. I suspect I'll do something related to the Square Kilometre Array, as that satisfies the criteria of being related to physical sensors, has the challenge of data processing, and I can even argue business opportunities, all of which are criteria for the study. Plus I have a few connections to the project.

The past few days saw the formal preparations for RuneQuest Glorantha Con Down Under fall into place; a total of 53 registered attendees, which is a pretty good number and a surprise last-minute game added to the schedule by a local Pendragon author, Garry Fay (Blood & Lust, The Spectre King), so that means RuneQuest Glorantha, 13th Age Glorantha, Pendragon, and Khan of Khans, all providing a pretty solid gaming stream to go alongside the panels, castle stream, auction, trollball, keynote and freeforms. Of course, I doubt very much that I'll have much opportunity to do anything of the sort myself. Still, I have managed to get a game of Megatraveller and RuneQuest Questworld in this week. The latter was particularly good fun with a new player in the group who named his Dwarf character Mark Almond; the obvious pun has already lead to some character development.

In work-related events I had a little win this week with an DNA application software project, pychopper taking up my suggestion on having numbered releases. There is many, too many, software projects these days which don't bother with old-fashioned things such as numbered releases, which make it a little annoying to track changes in application development. Yes, one can, and sometimes has to, track by commit ID. But who enjoys doing that? Plus, I've been meaning to post about IBM's recent purchase of Red Hat, but needless to scale of the purchase is pretty epic. Finally, and completely off-topic, today I finished the French to German tree on Duolingo. Most probably next course will be German to French.

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