November 12th, 2018


RuneQuest Glorantha Con Down Under at Kryal Castle

I have just returned from the day of RuneQuest Glorantha Con Down Under III at Kryal Castle, the closest thing that Australia has to a real castle. From all accounts so far from the fifty plus attendees the event went very well, starting with panels on the new edition of RQ and secrets of Glorantha, along with game sessions of Khan of Khans, Pendragon, 13th Age Glorantha, and RuneQuest Roleplaying in Glorantha. In addition to this, there was the usual stream of Castle events, and we all stopped our normal session to watch the joust (other Con attendees visited other facets of the Castle's exhibition). In the evening session, we started off with a game of Twilight Trollball followed by a rather impressive buffet BBQ and a freeform game, "All The King's All". Full conference attendees also received a free copy of RPG Review Issue 40, and many received the last few copies of the Mimesis Roleplaying Journal which I was involved in more than twenty years ago. The Abbey Tavern was the ideal place on the Castle grounds to hold the event and special credit must be given to the staff who were kind, professional, and provided veritable mountains of delicious food.

There are many people to thank for this conference and first off the generosity of Michael O'Brien and the Chaosium team must be stated. They collected gold coin donations from their surplus stock, had a giveaway game for the last leatherette copy of RuneQuest RPiG in Australia, the Argan Argar Atlas Collection. The White Bear and Red Moon book I donated for future Conventions sold for over $3KAUD, so that buyer is thoroughly appreciated as is the purchaser of the RuneQuest 6: Adventures in Glorantha book which sold for over $800AUD. All of this goes into a special fund run by the RPG Review Cooperative for future RuneQuest and Glorantha conventions. Susan O'Brien is thanked for her awesome work in running Khan of Khans, along with the panelists and GMs, David Cake, Pete Tracy, Justin Akkerman, Martin Dick, Hugh McVicker, Mark Morrison, Darius West, Garry Fay, Brian P, and Andrew Bean. Everyone was delighted with the conference badges by Daniel Tosello, and there was great support provided Erica Hoehn, Robbie Cameron, Michael Cole, Ivan Rajic, James Haughton, and Rodney Brown. Heck, there was a lot of people who helped out and whilst I had my own level of blood, sweat, and tears in the project, the aforementioned deserve accolades for their contribution. Chaosium, however, has instituted a new award; The Greg Stafford Memorial Award for Gloranthan Fandom, and yours truly is the inaugural winner. When the award was presented Andrew Bean said: "You went on a heroquest and brought RQ Con Down Under back from the otherworld. Greg would be proud." Kinder words could not have been spoken. For much of my life I've been questing for Runes, and on Sunday I received the most magical of all; the Greg Rune.

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