March 9th, 2019


Blue Planet II, Studies, Rick Matters

Just returned from seeing the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra perform Blue Planet II which was filled to its 5,500 capacity seating and presented by Joanna Lumley. There can be no criticism of the extraordinary footage nor its interaction with the musical score. It was also a little bit of a reward for finishing my end-of-semester assignment for Information Sytems which basically developing a scenario for UK technology businesses wanting to expand into continental Europe with technical and organizational integration issues and also, of course, with Brexit looming. I presume others have noticed that the first workday of Brexit is April Fool's Day.

In other studies, my intensive for economics rolls on. I've made an appeal of sorts on the fact that I've missed out almost a trimester's worth of study time due to delays in my enrolment and receiving materials, but I am pessimistic of anything coming from that. The University of London is far too élite for anything quite so student-centric. On the other hand, it turns out I was a little mistaken about the University of Otago in my last post. It was not them, but their bank which had applied an additional transaction fee (that is, my bank charged one going out, their bank applied one going in). One day, there will be a revolution and a very special wall set aside for the banks. Still, Otago lifted my block as soon as they realized what was going on, although they should get into the habit of not attempting to charge others for their bank fees. In future I'll probably be using something like Transferwise.

Another big event of the week was receiving an offer on Rick B's flat. I had barely put the apartment up on Facebook to advertise an upcoming auction when the offer came in, so that's very good news. The money from the sale of the apartment will go to paying his nursing home fees. It's quite a relief given how long it has taken not just to get the place cleaned up and so forth, but also to receive approval from VCAT to be even allowed to sell the place in the first place. Now the only issue to sort out is the means-tested fees as determined by the Federal government which inexplicably rocketed at the end of last year with no change in his financial circumstances. For anyone who has had administer another person's financial and medical affairs under the Guardianship and Administration Act you have enormous sympathy; the bureaucratic overhead is quite a nightmare.

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