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Have made several preparations for the Isocracy Annual General Meeting (FB link) with Professor Clinton Fernandes on Timor-Leste issues, along with the relase of the monthly newsletter, released the same day I have a few words to say about Invasion Day and Captain Cook. I've also put my hand up to be a correspondent for LabourStart, which will mean a bit of digging around on various matters of industrial action in this country. For what it's worth, a new enterprise agreement is being voted on at work which is a result of the "mostly successful" action of the NTEU. It is still perplexing how some people express disdain for unions, let alone never join, but are quite willing to take the wages and benefits that union members campaign for and deliver. I guess they think that negotiations for wages and conditions is between equals or something.

With a month to go before the end of ticket sales, RuneQuest Glorantha Con III is moving along reasonably well. Mark Morrison has stepped up to announce he'll run a session of 13th Age Glorantha which is very nice of him. Today I officially launched the auction submission and auction bidding pages which includes some of old favourites from my personal collection. In actual play having an off-week as our regular GM is away on holidays, however still planning on our regular RuneQuest game on Sunday. In addition it looks like I'll be going to PopCon in Ballarat tomorrow, a one-day popular culture event, which will provide an ideal opportunity to promote RQ Con.

Yesterday a good portion of the day was spent cleaning out Rick's apartment. It was truly impressive how much he managed to squeeze into that tiny one-bedroom apartment, although a good portion of it was folders stuffed full of print out of journal articles and the like scanning a dizzying array of subjects. Denny of Red Rabbit Rubbish Removal was hired to help out with the job and he brought along a couple of francophone youngsters to help out. In three hours they'd emptied the place with the exception of a small amount of books and various personal effects that I saved. It's a rather amazing and sobering experience to see ninety percent of a person's life go into the back of a truck, yet as Denny pointed out (a) I'll see a lot more of this as I get older and (b) somebody will have to do it to me one day.

That evening managed to drag my somewhat weary carcass off to see The The who are on the final leg of their "comback tour". I have mixed feelings about this band (well Matt Johnson and friends). When I like them, I really like them, and they have a string of great hits all of which are quite worthy. However a lot of their other material comes across quite flat to me, as aural filler. It was an enthusiastic concert for the fans who haven't seen them play for decades, although they came out a little rough on the edges despite obvious competencies. Over the course of the concert caught up with a few people I know, including neighbour Adam, The Dwarf, Gwaine Mc., and at least caught sight of Glenn K., and Robbie C., who I was supposed to see before the show started. Naturally enough will give a more complete review on Rocknerd and, as a reminder to self, must do my increasingly out-of-date review of Blue Man Group.

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