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The eResearchAustralasia Conference is next week, and I'm presenting on the University's collaboration with Nyriad in New Zealand. It's all rather old news in some regards, but there's follow-on activities. Fortunately, my paper was pretty well already written and it was more of a case of getting information out rather than putting information in. I am also taking the opportunity at eResearch to promote the International HPC Certification programme and have arranged for a online meeting of Australian practitioners. Finally in even more work-related activities ran an Introduction to Linux and HPC course on Thursday to a pretty switched on group; handed out some nanoseconds and was helped by Martin P., who has provided a second set of eyes in picking out various spelling and formatting errors in my material.

Last night was our regular Journey to the Far West Exalted game, where I had the opportunity to introduce the historic personage of Ma Yin along with a fantasy version of the famous four-goat zun. I gave each of the goats a personality (grumpy goat, wise goat, hungry goat, horny goat), and put in in the court as a food-serving goat, a mobile sapient table, a little like Rincewind's luggage from Terry Pratchett's Discworld series. In other gaming activities, I've been plodding along with a couple of RPG articles and trying to extract monies out of people who are planning to attend RuneQuest Glorantha Con Down Under. Will make various preparations in place for this Sunday's upcoming session of Eclipse Phase; the Sentinels have been on the post-Fall wasteland of Earth for several sessions now.

I am feeling particularly run down at the moment, and almost certainly due to the several major activities that I have on at the moment, which leads, as a result, to late nights - not helped by Mac The Cat who has a touch of wanting to stay out to all hours with the warmer weather. I am hoping at next week's eResearch conference there will the opportunity to revitalise myself through social interaction (as extraverts are want to do) and hopefully at least bring to a closer conclusion some of the projects I have on the boil at the moment. Because at the moment, I'm exhausted - and I know that is when I am most likely to make errors of judgment.

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