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Most evenings this past week I've spent on finishing articles and doing layout for the 10th anniversary issue of RPG Review, the 40th issue and a special for the RuneQuest Glorantha Con Down Under. I've actually reached the point where I'd rather my review of game systems of the numerous editions of RuneQuest was actually smaller rather than larger (it's currently twelve thousand words), but much will depend on how everything else fits in, and what spare time I have (in advance, I know that will be very little). In Cooperative news, with content by Karl B., we've published a diversity survey. In actual play this week run Exalted Journey to the Far West on Thursday night which involved a battle with wild boars with human faces, apparently envoys of King Wumu of Chu</i>. Chief suspect is the moody Consort Yuan, who has invited the Solar PCs to dinner in her dilapidated siheyuan. Finally, Pax Australia is on this weekend, and I'll be running RuneQuest and Call of Cthulhu.

This week at work we had a planned outage on our HPC system for various upgrades, which fortunately was the day after the large union march which a number of. Despite extensive testing, I suggested and carried out a last minute review of various changes to the planned scheduler upgrade, which revealed that we really should go on version further ahead, which we did. There was a bit of data shuffling on our high-speed scratch disk partition and testing of our recompiled OpenMPI versions of which which involved me writing several scripts, making extensive use of shell expansion and heredocs. A range of invitations has been sent out to introduce various HPC educators in Australia and New Zealand on the International HPC Certification Programme, which will correlate nicely with the BoF at Supercomputing next month. Finally, spent a bit of time working through the review comments for the co-authored paper between our UniMelb team and the University of Freibug team for Advances in Science, Technology and Engineering Systems Journal.

As I've started hitting the peak level on various languages on Duolingo I've found this week that revision is consisting of cross-over between languages that I've already worked on. After all, why revise one language (e.g., English to German) when you can revise two simulatenously (e.g., Italian to German)? It's been a valuanble process not only for revision purposes but also because the crossovers seems to contain at least a handful of worlds that are not included in the from or to English courses. It is also quite likely to keep me busy for at least an additional month or two, without having to venture out of my comfort zone of standard Romance and Germanic tongues. Finally, to top things off I seem to have done my back in somehow. The past couple of days I've been in serious discomfort and some pain my lower back. Gives me good insight to those who experience it regularly because it really is a little unpleasant (and annoying enough for me to 'blog about it).

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