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The biggest issue this week in the Australian IT world was the passing of the Access and Assistance bill, which has the IT industry fuming for good reason. It came on a chaotic last day of parliament where this, and a bill to get children to appropriate medical facilities of Nauru were dominant issues. Minister Christopher Pyne made a particularly disgusting tweet, which he then deleted, and my response to him was picked up by Gizmodo.

In other IT issues I conducted training early in the week with an Introduction to HPC and Linux, with a good attendance. Some fellow staff members think that I'm a bit crazy running courses through December, but when you have a waiting list of some six hundred people (yes, you read that right), you have to take every opportunity. Still on the IT agenda visited Anthony L., after work on Tuesday to deal with an old and dying RAID system. It is at the point where I recommended Payam Data Recovery. Here's a pro-tip; don't expect disks in regular use to last six years.

Must also mention that last Sunday gave an address at the Unitarian Church, The End is Nigh: Failed Stewardship of Planet Earth, where I discussed religious apocalyptic visions, real problems with the environment, and the importance of political action.

A couple of social activities in the week; the semi-regular CheeseQuest went well, and we started playing the classic D&D scenario, The Lost City, which should keep us busy for a while. Today, we had a vendor-sponsored "coordination and review meeting", i.e., lunch at Le Bon Ton. which is thoroughly misnamed, but good for what it is; I don't think any of the staff spoke French, let alone any New Orleans variety.

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