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I had a little flurry on Duolingo this week, completing two more skill trees; namely Portuguese and Französisch (French from German). Both of these had been on the back-burner for a while, so it is not really surprising that they were eventually completed. When I look over my personal objectives in terms of languages this year I didn't really make much headway in Russian and Mandarin, which was my plan, but have done a lot of cross-referencing between the central and west European languages, which wasn't high on the agenda. But it does make sense seeming that I have familiarity with such tongues and head in that direction with significant regularity. In any case I'm now on the Golden Owl Hall of Fame. I don't think I'll be finishing any more skill trees this year.

Have just submitted my Digital Innovations end-semester assignment, which is basically an argument for a combination MOOC MMORG VR for studies in history and mythology. It's something that I've felt would be worthwhile for a very long time, but requires a commitment to the gamification of an educational experience and a multidisciplinary team. I also received my grade for the mid-semester assignment, and was feeling a little grumpy that I'd lost a couple of percent on aesthetic matters (in a science degree no less), but then realised I'd received the highest grade possible, so I'd best just shut up (even internally) about it. On the other side of the lecturn, this week I also gave a training day on Advanced Linux and Shell Scripting for HPC and had an interesting experience at work with GCC 8.x and Python 2.7.x which was sufficiently interesting for its own blog post.

On the gaming side of things this week played Megatraveller last night which involved many negotiations with the Aslan to engage in ritualised warfare on 'preferred planet X' rather than our homeworld. Took some delight in describing the nibbles and drinks at the soiree for the lion-like people (lots of salmon, dried chopped liver chips, brandy Alexanders, actinidia polygama for toothpicks etc). Space opera can be weird and silly a lot of the time. Still in the science fiction realm, ran Eclipse Phase last Sunday with the Sentinels visiting Halley's base in Antarctica and making their way, if inexpertly, to Vostok base where some three hundred mind-controlled transhumans have been taken. Finally, have made some work on the next issue of RPG Review based around solo and one-on-one play.

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