New Year's Eve

Thus 2018 comes to a close, and as is my want I have a mad rush to complete the various things on my agenda most of which (as caseopaya likes to point out, are things that I set myself through various voluntary associations). On this topic, RPG Review Issue 41 has been released with an emphasis on solo gaming, such as the various Endless Quest and Fighting Fantasy books that were enormously popular in the 80s. I so happened to play through the first FF book, The Warlock of Firetop Mountain on Ian Livingstone's (the author) birthday, which he liked. My big contribution to the latest issue of RPG Review is a choose-your-own-adventure for Papers & Paychecks which involves an attempted escape from a North Korean prison camp. In case you haven't noticed there is part of me which has a grim and wry fondness for gallows humour. As it is I've contributed several thousand worlds to the current issue, including RPGaDay, various reviews (including the ill-fated HeartQuest), and the aforementioned adventure.

Also of note on the gaming side of things is various efforts to finish the Papers & Paychecks supplement, and alas "not this year". I'm several thousand words short of the sixty plus thousand required, despite making a concerted effort over the past week or so, putting the finishing touches on scenarios like Keep our Borderlands, Palace of the Electrum Princess (old D&D players should have a chuckle at these), and a fantasy bestiary. What I hoped to be completed by this week will have to be completed in the first week of the new year, c'est la vie. Finally, our regular Megatraveller session was canceled on Thursday as a couple of players weren't available. Instead, we played Munchkin Cthulhu, Star Munchkin, and Guillotine. I just missed out on winning the latter and did quite convincingly on the former two; it all comes down to strategy, in my opinion with that game. Also, just arrived, Munchkin Deluxe Pathfinder; can't wait to give that a run.

And you would think that reality couldn't trump my sense of the absurd. Well, where do you think I get it from? The Immigration Department is sending a North Korean refugee (he is a naughty drug dealer) back to said country, where they acknowledge that he will probably be executed, but this is "not insurmountable". Meanwhile, BHP wants to drill for more oil and says that if there is an oil spill that would be a boost for local economies. By that reasoning so would any and all disasters and especially war. It would seem that BHP doesn't understand opportunity costs, which was well-portrayed manner years ago by the broken window fallacy.

Anyway, there are scant few hours to the end of the year. I will drink French champagne (OK, sparkling white), and watch the fireworks over the city from our prominent viewing location. I will muse about the opportunity costs of such celebration in typically a Swiftian perspective (how many dead children does it cost?). In a few day's time, I'll do a more thorough review of 2018 and plan, optimistically, what I can do for 2019. Because that is my modus operandi, it's how I push myself. I'm rather looking forward to it. Happy new year to all.

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