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The start of the year has been pretty productive just a couple of weeks in. I've had a flurry of activity over the past few days, making extremely good progress on the Papers & Paychecks supplement, Cow-Orkers in the Scary Devil Monastery. I was especially happy with my decision to make western dragons basement-dwelling advocates of the gold standard with a taste for young maidens ("Technically, I'm a ebevore", they say). If I had them wearing fedoras it would be too obvious. Write-up for last Sunday's Eclipse Phase game is done, and on Thursday we had another session of Megatraveller following our successful acts of piracy against the Aslan. Tomorrow is RuneQuest Questworld.

I've been making good progress marching through my MSc in Information Systems and the Grad Dip in Economics. Received a rather acceptable 85% for the final assignment in the former (a proposal for an immersive online learning platform). The latter is one of those horrible and archaic subjects where everything is determined by a single exam (who does that in 2019?) which might actually benefit me given my capacity to cram. Have been trying to install gretl from source on the HPC system (packaged version was easy on the laptop) and have discovered some very interesting ways it handles LAPACK. Apropros such things have also had a little rant which generated some interest on Simple FOSS versus Complex Enterprise Software; summary version; simple but hard FOSS that is interoperable is better than complex but easy feature-rich closed-source software.

For the Isocracy Network I've put out a couple of 'blog posts both directed at individuals who prefer to let ideology take precedence over facts, namely Mark Latham on Drugs (there is such beauty to the variance the English language allows), The Fame Geoff Kelly Deserves (I've been sitting on that one for a while). I have also been busy on Rocknerd as well, with two reviews - one of the The The concert in Melbourne a couple of months back and another of Gary Numan's Savage (Songs from a Broken World). Finally, I spent a few days going over the French translation of David Gerard's Attack of the 50 Foot Blockchain, noting only a couple of major errors, a few suggested improvements, and a couple of cases where the translation improved the original (surely not!).

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