51st Orbit Weekend, Arts and Gaming

Sunday was my 51st orbit around the sun and, as is my want, I actually needed reminding of the day by a work colleague late last week. This is a rather regular occurrence for me as close friends will testify. Indeed, it wasn't until virtually the last moment that I decided to do anything for my 50th, and just as well I did, it turned out to be a great night. Whilst I'm not really into birthday celebrations myself I am, always, overwhelmed with by the number and quality of people who take the time to send me wishes on this day. Somehow I've ended up with a truly remarkable and invigorating circle of friends from various branches of life that I have an interest in.

As for the day itself, I treated it pretty much any other alternate Sunday - ran a session of Eclipse Phase where the Sentinels found themselves promoted to probational Proxy Agents to deal with an escaped mad AI and de-escalate a war. For characters that had been operatives for the past couple of years of play, the switch to management and recruitment was an interesting alternative challenge. Apropos the previous day was our semi-regular CheeseQuest with hathhalla and ser_pounce. We played Cthulhu Wars that day, a real monster of a game (pun not intended), where the Elder Gods are in conflict to take over the world (obviously). In this instance, the crawling chaos led by Nyarlathotep just pipped yellow sign of Hastur. Despite the size of the game and the quantity of pieces, it was pretty easy to play and quite well paced. I just can't imagine myself owning a game physically that size. Finally on-topic I've added some 150 or so classic Traveller books to the RPG Review store, all in preparation for Arcanacon this weekend.

The other big event of the weekend was going to the MC Escher exhibition at the National Gallery of Victory. In my younger years I was quite taken by his works which combined mathematical approaches to perspectives (resulting in impossible objects) and tessellations. In many ways it was a combination of seemingly contradictory approaches of cubism and surrealism, both of which he was a contemporary. Alongside this major exhibition was the pop and lighthearted Julian Opie, which included a fun and interactive "kids studio", which unsurprisingly was full of adults.

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