Valedictions Gremory Rabbit

Last week I reported that Gremory rabbit has been unwell and required a couple of vet visits. There were some minor signs of improvement this week with him tucking into some greens and fruit, supplementing his primary diet of critical care. But he obviously wasn't improving enough and tonight, having returned from Arcanacon (more on that in a few days), he was wheezing and not being particularly active, and shortly afterwards (having hopped to the next room), he was dead. Thus ends some nine years of having Gremory in our lives, with another period with previous owners. I can only assume by his behaviour that he derived from some contentment in life, whether it was chomping down on a fresh carrot, or lying in the sun with a gentle breeze. He never seemed particularly stressed, which one imagines is how a rabbit prefers the world. What was once a very extensive menagerie of rats, rabbits, guinea pigs, cat, turtle, and fishes have had its mammal selection reduced to just cats - and their staff of course.

The reduction, of course, isn't due to any dislike or disinterest in our furred friends, but simply because if one wishes to engage in more extensive and worldly journeys some of the more exotic companion animals can make matters much more difficult. In part, there is the motivation of making the life of these creatures a little longer and more comfortable. As Alfred North Whitehead once suggested; to live, to live well, and to live better, whilst nature presents itself red in tooth and claw. From their own part, our companions are well-known with the correlation of their presence in reducing depression and anxiety, the two most common mental afflictions of our species. We must, one supposes, seem god-like in the power that we have over their lives. But with that comes our moral responsibility show benevolence in return, and forgive their unknowing transgressions. Some may say, "it's only a rabbit", to whit one recalls Jeremy Bentham: The question is not, Can they reason?, nor Can they talk? but, Can they suffer?

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He never seemed particularly stressed, which one imagines is how a rabbit prefers the world. - Don't we all? I am sorry for your loss; such companions are no less beloved for being furry and four-legged.
Oh, I prefer a little bit of stress, keeps me on my toes. Gremory Rabbit on the other hand preferred his carrot and to lie in the sun under the breeze of an open window. He made a good Gen-X slacker :)

But thank you for the kind words. Even Mac the cat misses Gremory I think...
I'm so sorry about Gremory. What a long life for a bunny. How lucky were you both to spend time together on this crazy journey of life! My condolences that you now only have cats lol <3
Thank you for the kind words. He did have a very long life, we think a total of around ten years all up. Not a bad innings at all!

Now we're down to one incredibly laid-back cool cat, and one which... can change from being charming to psycho in a split second! :)