Arcanacon and Related Matters, Linux and Conferences

Firstly, I was deeply touched by the condolences sent regarding our departed Gremory rabbit, which ends a long-line of lagomorphs and rodents as companion animals. We've made a start on collecting his worldly possessions (food, hay, toys) to find a fellow creature that may benefit from them. I shall also ensure that Gremory (along with all his fellows, Dantalion, Murmur, and Astaroth) receive character write-ups when I start on the Australian supplement for the edition of Bunnies & Burrows next month.

Apropos, much time in the last few days was spent at Arcanacon and related events. It really all started with a group of us heading out to the deco Sun Theatre in Yarraville to see a special screening of The Call of Cthulhu for ser_pounce. The screening included additional "making of" footage and a questions and answers session with the producer and co-writer. It was really quite enjoyable and merged well with the following night's launch of the Australian Role Playing Industry Awards at the Water Rat in South Melbourne. This was a great opportunity to catch up in-person with Sarah Newton a fellow game-designer whom I've known for quite a while via social media.

After this was Arcanacon at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre, making a return after several years. There was probably close to 275 people attending all up, with the RPG Review Cooperative managing the second-hand games stall and running games of Papers & Paychecks. Only a couple of sessions of the latter ended up happening, but those who participated had a great time and even bought copies of the game. As for the stall, we had several contributors of stock which helped make it one of the most popular places to visit during the Con. Accolades are due to Andrew McPh, Andrew D., and Karl B., in particular for helping out at the stall. Karl also chaired a panel on GMing at the Con. I suppose the next step after this is the Easter convention, CONquest.

In other activities, I've been working away on my Regular Expressions course and have organised for three HPC courses early next month before heading to New Zeland for a couple of weeks to go to Multicore World. Today I put in a poster submission to the Platform for Advanced Scientific Computing (PASC) Conference in Zurich in the middle of this year on public revenue modelling. In the next couple of days I'll also make a tutorial submission for an IEEE conference in Prague on cloud engineering.

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